Woods for Wellbeing was created by Julia Walling in 2010. Based in the Shropshire Hills and working on woodland and nature projects in England and Wales.

"I had always loved nature and the effect it had on my wellbeing, then I got involved with woodland conservation work and saw how profoundly fulfilling it was for all involved.
We felt connected with the ecosystem, with one another
and with ourselves." 

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The woods for wellbeing Mission

To improve the quality of life of individuals and communities and to promote the sustainability of the natural environment by connecting people with the land.

 Julia Walling, Founder of Woods for Wellbeing

Julia Walling, Founder of Woods for Wellbeing

I love working with nature to bring out our best, most creative
and happiest selves.

What We've Achieved

By working with our partners, with farmers, woodland owners and managers, we create tailored projects which meet genuine socio-economic and environmental needs. We work with a wide variety of community groups, engaging them in conservation, education, heritage and arts projects including:

  • Providing training courses which give participants the skills to connect people with woodlands for mutual wellbeing.


  • Educational and awareness-raising activities, connecting people with sustainable practices, resources and amenities such as organic farms, rural skills and eco buildings.
  • Conserving threatened wildlife and heritage features in the landscape.
  • Promoting creativity and sharing the experiences and benefits with the wider community.
  • Providing therapeutic retreats which connect people with nature and with themselves.